Wusthof Knife Block brown 7243

$104.99 $140.00

Wusthof knife blocks are made of select beechwood. This functional tool provides protection for your investment in knives. Keeping them close to your workstation can ad a visual compliment to your kitchen. Dark brown finish. Empty block for 6 knives (2 wide), 1 steel, 1 kitchen fork and 1 scissor.

Product Highlights:

  • The knife block shields the blades of the knives, preventing them from chipping, nicking, 
  • 9 slots accommodate 6 knives, steel, carving fork, and shears
  • Size: 9 slots
  • Colour/Pattern: Walnut brown
  • Dimensions: 9¾"L × 4¾"W × 8¾"H