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Sustainability at Kitchensmart

What is Sustainability
In retail, sustainable means operating in a manner that is socially and environmentally responsible, taking into account the long-term impact on the environment, local communities, and global economy. 

This includes reducing waste, minimizing energy consumption, and utilizing renewable resources. It also means sourcing and selling products that are made with sustainable materials, produced in a way that is not harmful to the environment, and transported in an eco-friendly manner.
Sustainable Shipping Practices
Since 2015, Kitchensmart Canada has primarily served customers online. As such, we have adopted many practices to cut down our use of products that can potentially harm the environment. 
We Reuse Packaging
Almost every box from our suppliers is responsibly reused or repurposed for our customers. This allows us to be more competitive with our pricing, and also saves trees from the production of more boxes. 
Paper Packaging
Almost every parcel we ship, is sent either wrapped in Kraft paper, or in a card board box. We have switched from plastic fillers to paper completely. 
Biodegradable Packaging
In many cases, delicate parcels require packaging peanuts. We have switched from Styrofoam to a starch based packaging that can be dissolved in water. While this costs us more, it allows our packaging to be 100% environmentally safe. 
Other Sustainable Practices
While shipping accounts for most of our sustainable practices, we have made changes in our store as well. We have removed all plastic bags, and packing supplies in store. We email our receipts and invoices unless a printout is requested. We have implemented a recycling program to reduce waste. Our warehouse is now designed to use less heat in the winter, and less air conditioning in the summer. All lighting in our store has been converted to LED, displays that are not needed, are turned off. We continue to make improvements that allow a lower carbon impact.