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deBuyer Mineral B Element 12.5" (32cm) Wok

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Perfect wok for healthy and quick cooking of food, ideal for natural and dietetic cuisine with little use of fat. Riveted iron flat handle French-style curved, and riveted stainless steel handle : unbreakable; easy handling and ergonomic. Mineral B utensil in heavy quality iron coated with beeswax: protective finish against oxidation, facilitates seasoning. Natural non-stick properties, no coating : gradual seasoning of the wok. Undeformable thick skirt. Excellent caramelization of food. Heats up quickly, uniform diffusion of heat, enables the Maillard reaction. 

  • Small flat bottom increases stability
  • Season when first used. Preheat using a little fat.
  • Deglaze, rinse with warm water, dry and oil lightly. Store in a dry place.
  • Do not use detergents or put in the dishwasher.
  • All cook tops including induction.