Wusthof Easy Edge Electric Knife Sharpener


WÜSTHOF's premium belt-driven sharpener made for home use and designed for knives sharpened using Precision Edge Technology; the Electric Sharpener features three speeds and an internal vacuum system for collection of metallic debris.

The sharpener comes with a coarse belt already in place. Three additional belts (P120, X30 and X4) are included in the debut set, which also boasts an intelligent timing system to ensure optimal sharpening. In addition to straight edge blades, the machine also hones serrated knives.

  • Handy table-top device
  • Flexible grinding belts
  • Integrated dust suction
  • Interchangeable angle guide
  • Replaceable PEtec blade guide
  • Intelligent "One Touch" program control
  • Anti-slip rubber base