Miyabi 5000 MCD-B Birchwood 9" (23 cm) Tungsten Steel

Product Description

Miyabi Birchwood knives are made from the finest materials delivering high-performance and are exquisite. To maintain your knife blade edge, it is very important to use a honing steel on a regular basis. By using a honing steel it will lessen the amount of times you will need to sharpen your knives. A honing steel re-aligns the edge of the knife blade. Simply place the heel of the knife blade onto the steel and pull downward with little pressure. Repeat on each side 7 to 8 times. 


  • Dimensions: 9" steel; 14" total length
  • Made of Tungsten steel
  • Traditional Japanese D-shape handle, made of Karelian Birchwood with mosaic pin accent
  • Use to maintain the knife blade between sharpenings
  • Hand wash; Made in Japan


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