Libbey Gibraltar Bar Glass - Set of 4


Featuring a traditional look, this glass is ideal for serving cocktails and spirits on the rocks. Your bartenders will appreciate the paneled sides and octagonal design, which makes this glass simple to handle during happy hour and other high-traffic times. Offering unparalleled brilliance and clarity, this glass makes it instantly clear that your customers are receiving the best product and service possible.

Thanks to a special thermal after-process applied to the top portion of the glass, you can rest assured that it has exceptional durability. This DuraTuff treatment is designed to increase the glass's resistance to mechanical and thermal shock while also making it safer to use. When a normal glass breaks, it typically shatters into tiny pieces, but DuraTuff glasses will break into larger pieces, shortening cleanup and making them a much safer alternative for everyone at your establishment.

  • Made in the USA
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Lead Free Glass
  • DuraTuff technology