Le Creuset Cast Iron 4.5 Qt (4.1L) Round Doufeu

$299.99 $350.00

The doufeu can be used just like any round or oval oven, but it has added performance benefits when it comes to slow cooking. As moisture begins to evaporate inside the doufeu, the cool ice-filled lid causes this moisture to condense. Specially designed dimples on the flat interior of the lid then direct the moisture back down onto the food. This self-basting effect minimizes the need to add additional water and ensures that food remains moist, nutrients are not lost and flavors intensify. Even when the ice in the lid melts, the self-basting process continues to function, as long as water in the lid remains below the boiling point.

  • Recessed lid with a dimpled underside distributes moisture evenly inside the pot
  • Colorful, long-lasting exterior enamel resists chipping and cracking; interior enamel is engineered to resist staining and dulling
  • Side handles on both the lid and the base for offer added control
  • 9.5"/24cm diameter
  • 4.5 QT (4.1L)
  • Gas, Electric, Ceramic, Halogen, Induction, Oven, Outdoor Grill
  • Cast Iron- Made in France