Global NI Santoku Knife 7" (18cm) GN007


The Ni series, features an Asian-inspired shape with an incredibly strong tip and longer handle. The incredibly strong knife tips and Asian design enable the highest standard of accuracy. Also, the unique convex edge of the GLOBAL blade makes cuts smoother, requiring less energy. The Ni series has a thicker blade with increased weight and a longer handle to perfectly balance the increased weight.

This Santoku knife benefits from the features of a cleaver and a chef's knife. The curved blade assists in the rocking motion used when chopping while the blade width enables the user to scoop sliced food and crush garlic. Also, this Santoku's narrow spine makes it great for slicing thin cuts of meat.

  • Ice tempered and hardened to Rockwell C56°-58°
  • Made from Cromova 18 stainless-steel.
  • Holds a razor sharp edge longer than any other steel and resists rust, stains and corrosion
  • Each knife is carefully weighted to ensure perfect balance in the hand
  • The smooth contours and seamless construction eliminate food and dirt traps, offering the ultimate in safety and hygiene
  • Lifetime warranty against defects and breakage
  • Made in Japan