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Cuisipro Garnishing Grater with Pinch Bowl - 746878

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There are an abundance of stamped and etched graters available in the market, but not all graters are created equal. Only Cuisipro's graters take etched graters to the next level with a special Surface Glide Technology, exclusive to Cuisipro.

In addition to razor sharp etched blades the Surface Glide Technology creates the perfect balance between ease of grating and maximum efficiency for the ultimate grating experience that etched graters alone cannot compete with.

  • Five grating surfaces:
    • Julienne vegetable strips to garnish your dishes
    • Super Fine to decorate desserts with nutmeg and chocolate
    • Coarse for most cheeses and vegetables.
    • Starburst to create a fine powder of Parmesan and chocolate.
    • Shaver for beautiful shavings of chocolate and Parmesan
  • Bonus pinch bowl in the base
  • Non-slip handle and removable base for stability
  • Calibrated, dry measuring units on side
  • Dishwasher safe. Hand wash preferred
  • Stainless steel blade