Bamix M140 White Magic Wand Immersion Blender - 3 Piece Set

$144.99 $180.00

Being the first company to produce the conventional immersion blender from 1954, Bamix of Switzerland have been on the leading edge of immersion blender technology. Featuring a 140W powerful motor that can drive up to 10,000 - 14,000 RPM, all your kitchen blending needs can be solved with this space-saving blender.

Two speed settings allow you to select the speed depending on the task at hand: light speed for producing smaller batches of food, while high speed can be used for more solid foods and blending in large quantities.

  • RPM is 10,000 - 14,000 revolutions/minute with 2 speed selections.
  • Has safety switch with impulse contact.
  • All components and parts are resistant to corrosive foods.
  • Designed for 5-minute intermittent operation.
  • Lubricate blades with vegetable oil every few months.
  • Kit includes all of the attachments including the wall mount pictured above.
  • Made in Switzerland