Cuisipro Dual Grater


The science behind Surface Glide Technology? is based in the repeated grooved pattern that is spread evenly across the face of the grating surface. The grooves provide 2 distinct benefits beyond other graters. First, the groove reduces resistance, making grating effortless. Second, the elongates groove shape lengthens each individual blade, so each blade has a greater cutting surface that comes in contact with food, therefore producing more gratings per stroke

The Surface Glide Technology? takes the etched blade a step further and makes the graters sharp and more productive --- grating more with less effort.

Surface Glide Technology? grates more with less effort.
Two grating surfaces
Fine for citrus zest, Parmesan, Cinnamon and Nutmeg.
Coarse for most cheeses and vegetables. Coarse cut releases flavor gradually
Sliding cover protects hands
Non-slip ends for grating stability and safety.
Hand wash preferred
Stainless steel blade.
Patent Pending.